Industry meets Makers & Tech Experts

An intensive 4-days co-creation session focusing on iot, ai & blockchain


From June 25th until June 28th we will organise our first future tech bootcamp on internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain (BC) in cooperation with the UAS St. Pölten (FH St. Pölten), the SMARTUP initiative, the Federation of Austrian Industry Lower Austria (IV Niederösterreich) and further partners at the FH St. Pölten (Matthias Corvinus-Straße 15, 3100 St. Pölten).

This next experimental IMM event format will be an intensive 4-days development session enabling industry and makers to co-create together with the support of tech experts as well as innovative tools and infrastructure (developer kits, chips, access to rapidM2M technology, LoRaWAN, cloud, relevant data and blockchain platforms as well as the electronics laboratory of the FH St. Pölten, etc.) new IoT, AI & blockchain solutions with real practical relevance.

We will work on two different approaches



Co-creation of one end-to-end use case combining the advantages of AI, IoT and blockchain to facilitate improved and more transparent traceability and logistics models for the industry sector.

We want to focus on products changing their characteristics during the carriage. The banana is intended only as an example.


Approach 2: IoT or AI or Blockchain

Development of innovative solutions for specific practical challenges of the industry, which can be solved with the help of internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain in new ways.

The starting point are the 14 #IMM2019 briefing topics of our current briefing partners. Most of them deal with these technologies anyway (see below and on in a direct or indirect way. For the latter case we will present more technologyspecific use cases at the future tech bootcamp directly. Beside this we invite further companies – especially SMEs – to let us know how we could make their life easier with the support of new future tech applications.



Industry Know-how

Most representatives from all of our industry briefing partners will be on site to share their practical experience and know-how. We will post until the start of the event who will be able to join us during the future tech bootcamp how long and at which time slots.


Rafael Gattriger, Infineon Austria: Securing IoT


Florian Hofer, Hut und Stiel: Processing of data from edible mushroom containers with the help of LoRaWAN


Expert know-how

We will get guidance from experienced experts being on site and supporting us in developing new ideas and solutions as well as showing us how to use the available tools, components and infrastructure. These experts are already on board. Further supporters will be announced step by step till the start of our event.


FH-Prof. Franz Fidler, FH St. Pölten


Thom Kunz, IoT-Austria


Clemens Wasner, AI Austria + Enlite AI


Peter Dollfuss, Microtronics


Andreas Novi, SENS


Srdjan Kupresanin, 0bsnetwork


James Hitchkock, 0bsnetwork


Wilfried Lepuschitz, PRIA Practical Robotics


Clemens Mayer, MAYER MAKES


tools & technical infrastructure

We are preparing our technology stack at the moment. Here you can see which is already clear. More detailed information and the announcement of further tools and components will follow within the next few days.

State of programme planning

June 25th till June 28th @ UAS St. Pölten


Everybody, who feels like developing with us together innovative new future tech solutions in the field of IoT, AI and blockchain is invited to do so. That means: Irrespective of who you are – a student, a hobbyist, a freelancer, an entrepreneur or an employed company representative – and of which experience level and individual profile you dispose – interested newcomer or experienced professional, developer, business modeler or visionary forward thinker – you are welcome to join us. During these 4 days we want to co-create together out of the box in the best possible interdisciplinary and open minded way.


Makers & talents

Students, hobbyists, researchers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, employed people, who are motivated to co-create with the support of tech experts, company representatives and innovative tech tools new blockchain, AI and IoT solutions with real practical relevance.


Industry & SMEs

Company representative who see a realistic chance to improve their products or processes with the help of internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain and who are interested in joining our future tech bootcamp with a specific briefing topic.


tech experts

with advanced knowledge in the area of AI, IoT and/or blockchain and being interested in sharing their knowledge and ideas with engaged makers, talents and companies with related needs in the context of a brand new and experimental co-creation-process.



We @ our preparatory work - first Impressions

Organising team and event partners


Sandra Stromberger, Industry meets Makers


FH-Prof. Hannes Raffaseder, FH St. Pölten


Dr. Nicole Unger, FH St. Pölten


Dr. Angelika Czedik-Eysenberg, FH St. Pölten


Michael Schwantzer, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien


Gabriel Gruber, Business Upper Austria




#IMM2019 Briefing Partners

FURTHER #IMM2019 SUPPORTERS & network partners

Further #IMM2019 EVENT partners

#IMM2019 programme

Overview: March 20th till November 4th & 5th